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Tommy discovered his passion as a songwriter and author after losing his wife, Deborah, to an aggressive form of brain cancer. Throughout her battle, they kept God at the forefront, as they always did together. 3 years later, God called her home. He joined a grief recovery class where he was asked to write a short story of their fight with cancer. His short story became his first song. He compliments his music and his knowledge by writing a book about the struggles of love and life all while continuing his path to mend a broken heart. With accolades as a 2021 NMA nominee for Crossover Artist of the Year, his first album will be released Summer 2021.

The album is a musical diary of Rice's own personal journey over the past two years documenting feelings of hopelessness through the loss of his wife Deborah, true love to a transition to empowerment.

(CD and Book Bundle) Miss Her More Today Than Yesterday by Tommy Rice

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