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What it feels like to be lonely

Lonely man sitting at table for one

Many times when you walk into a restaurant this day and time, you seem to see more tables for only one.

There is so much death surrounding us and so many people choosing to live alone makes you wonder what is going on.

Sometimes people will stare at the man sitting at table for one, wondering why he is always alone, never asking him, "Would you like to dine with us?"

He would be eating his meal with tears flowing down his face as if he has learned to eat and cry at the same time.

He would look around the restaurant as if he is seeing others so happy with their wife, kids, with the loneliest look on his face. Most have never cared enough to see.

Sometimes when he comes to eat at his favorite restaurant he looks around. He feels others seem to be talking behind his back, making fun of him, and treating him like he has a contagious disease.

You have to walk in his shoes to fully understand what is on his mind and in his heart, as he seems to be tearing apart.

What he needs the most, few will ever take time to give. But thank God for the ones with Jesus' love in their heart. They will ask, "Can we sit down with you" showing him how much you really care and offer to give him a welcoming ear.

Love heals all things, no matter how small or large the storms in life we face, knowing Jesus love will always pull us through.

The lonely man at the table for 1 was an angel sent from above, to see how many of you/us truly cares.

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