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What it feels like to be bullied

Please don't make fun of me

by Tommy Rice

When I was a little boy, my best friend was my dog named Grace. She always knew how to put a big smile on my face.

My dog loved me. We would play night and day as if she knew I wass alone, needing a friend.

Most did not like me. I was so skinny. I was so poor. I did not fit in anywhere.

I hated going to school. I was made fun of from the time I got there, until I finally got home.

As soon as I stepped on the bus, a girl loved hitting me on top of my head with one of her school books.

With most laughing, making fun of me, asking me "are you a midget from another planet" with the bus driver laughing the most.

In high school the bullying became totally out of control, even when I asked our football coach could I joing the team. He laughed at me, said I was too small, that no uniform would fit.

They made fun of our car smoking with no reversew. They made fun of me not having new clothes to wear. They told me I was worthless, and that I would never amount to much. They even looked at us funny at our Baptist Church.

My mamma knew I was deeply hurting inside. I couldn't understand why I was treated this way. But she always made me feel better. Hugging me so tight, telling me, "One day son, this will all change."

Sometimes I felt like giving up, but then I would remember Mamma saying, "One day son, all this will change." She was so right. This skinny boy begging please don't make fun of me, is now a 6 foot 200 pound man with three successful companies, new clothes, and three dream automobiles (with a reverse).

Giving GOD the credit for everything.

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